How to prepare for a job interview

How to prepare for a job interview

You’ve spent time creating a stand out CV which has got you an interview. . . GREAT!

But that does not mean the hard work stops there! Preparation goes a long way when it comes to being ready for a job interview and we mean more than just preparing what it is you’re going to wear!

Below are a few simple tips on making sure you give the best interview possible

• Dress to impress

First impressions are very important when you are meeting potential employers, so that means digging out your Sunday best! Ensure that your outfit is clean and do you have a matching pair of socks to wear?

• Do your company research

Going into an interview knowing who they are and what they offer shows them you’re interested in more than just a job that pays the bills. Know where they are and how to get there; you don’t want to ruin your chances but turning up to your interview late.

• Know the role

Take the time to look into the job description and matching the skills and requirements of the job and match them to your own skills and attributes to ensure you have what it takes to fulfill the job role.

• Practice questions

Leading on from knowing the role, you can further develop this into practice answers which best display your skills in accordance to the job requirements. Use previous work examples to display your talent.


You can never be too prepared, so why leave it to the last minute?