Retaining Your Employees

There is no single reason why an employee decides to move away from their current employer.

Luckily for us as a recruitment agency, we get to learn and understand the many reasons as why a candidate chooses to leave. Sometimes the offers we get them are just too good to turn down, but more often than not the thoughts to look elsewhere for employment comes before we are ever involved.

As many of you already know that £ sign is a major player in making an employee wanting a move. Why would they stay with a company who is cannot match the package offered by another company, especially with the ever increasing cost of living. Sometimes staying on a wage that has not gone up in years just is not viable. We aren’t saying offer pay rises to anyone and everyone but be aware that if you employ someone for a number of years without a pay rise at some point they are going to be asking why. If there’s a similar position out there giving them a chance to earn more money, can you blame them for moving? Be aware that only offering an increase in pay to induce your employee to stay, may eventually come back to bite you – while they may initially be happy to stay with you, thoughts inevitably turn to why it took the threat of them leaving to elicit a pay increase!

However, money is not the only factor which makes an employee want to move. Career progression is another key factor which influences an individual’s desire to look elsewhere for employment. We cannot speak for everyone, but more often than not employees do not wish to stay in the same job role for their whole career. If there is a lack of opportunity to move up the career ladder within their current organisation, or if the subject of career progression has not been broached with an employee,  this often give them no choice but to look for that progression with another company. Wanting to know and learn about your employees aspirations are for their career is vital in giving you the opportunity to retain them. If you don’t take and an interest or offer the opportunities then how can you expect them to stay?

Perhaps less thought of, the time and effort put into an employee’s training and development can have a huge impact on whether they stay within a company. Investing in your employees is vital, not only is it linked to an employee’s career progression but it ensures your staff are kept up to date with new procedures, technology and continuing developments within the industry and feel valued. Failure to provide relevant training and development can put you at a disadvantage against organisations that do. Not only will that organisation look more appealing career wise to your employees but they are almost giving them all the tools they can to perform their job to their best ability. If given the choice, which one would you choose?

A last thought and perhaps one often overlooked is an employee’s sense of purpose and how incredibly important that is. We spend most of our lives working, spending it in a job were you are unappreciated or not valued for the work you do will only end in an employee wanting to look elsewhere for employment. Everyone wants to feel valued within their place of work and feel that their contribution is important; this includes new starters and employees who have been with you for years. Do not underestimate the power of acknowledgement and praise for good performance. Remember that without your employees you do not have a functioning business! 

There will always be reasons, outside of your control for why an employee might leave; a change in personal circumstances for example. The reasons above are not an exhaustive list and may not be applicable for everyone, but we encounter the above on a regular basis and it’s a worthwhile starting point if you’re looking for new staff.

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