The pitfalls of losing candidates during your Recruitment

What are the pitfalls in your Recruitment?

Attracting, selecting and appointing suitable candidates makes the recruitment process sound so easy! But there are pitfalls in recruitment (which can be avoided) that cause companies to lose out on great candidates and leave them to left to start the recruitment process again from scratch. No recruitment process is perfect but there are ways to reduce the possibility of losing those perfect candidates! 

What are the common issues?

  • It takes how long before the 1st interview?

Who wants to wait weeks for a first interview and then another few weeks for a second? A lengthy recruitment process can mean you will miss out on the best candidates. You can pretty much guarantee you will be bypassed for a company with a faster recruitment process. Great candidates do not stay on the market for long!

  • Is the phone not working?

No one likes to be kept in limbo and there is nothing worse than going for an interview and never hearing back from the company. Even if the candidate is not what you are looking for right now, they may be suitable in the future and it takes no time at all to give them, or the agency, a ring or drop them an email to let them know whether or not they have been successful and the reasons why. 

  • Sometime this week or maybe the week after. . . 

You are setting a precedent in the perception about how your company works and this does not put you in the best light. If you don’t stay to your set guidelines how can you expect candidates to? If you cannot commit to a date, do not set one, but give a date range and then if you get back to someone quicker than expected it gives a better impression.

  • They did what?

The Fenestration market is niche and candidates talk. You cannot please everybody but that does not mean you shouldn’t address the negative reputation which might be associated to your company. You could have the perfect candidate ready to sign on the dotted line and a couple of bad reviews later that candidate is accepting an offer from your competitor. 

  • I love spending hours driving!

Said no one ever! If a candidate has an opportunity for the same money at another company on their doorstep you can bet your bottom dollar their going to take it. Who wouldn’t? 
There is no quick fix here and sometimes there is nothing you can offer to make them stay. But all is not lost -  flexible working hours and the possibility to work from home some days a week are good incentives to keep those candidates you cannot bear to lose or to entice them to join your company. 

  • Other irons in the fire!

If candidates are actively looking for a new position you can be assured they are being interviewed at other companies along with yours. If you were the one looking you’d want the best offer available so why not expect the same from candidates. This can be the luck of the draw, but if you have a perfect candidate ready and willing to make a career move be prepared to offer what they are worth! 


Overcome your recruitment pitfalls

You need to impress your candidates as much as they need to impress you! Remember that as much as you are interviewing them as a potential employee, an interview is the perfect time for the candidate to assess you and your company as a potential employer! Recruitment is time consuming but the risk of making a bad hire is greater than the extra time spent on your recruitment. 

Set a time frame for your recruitment so candidates are aware of when the recruitment process will be completed. Set guidelines and stick to them, set dates or a timeline for 1st and 2nd interviews from the beginning. This ensures the process will be shorter and candidates are aware of the timed schedules which makes sure all parties are in the know. 

Keep in contact! Even if a candidate is not successful let them know; as an agency, this is part of our service and we will pass feedback to candidates on your behalf.  Leaving things on a positive note allows you to approach them in future for another role and will reduce the likelihood of any negative reviews and chatter to other industry candidates.


Help is only a phone call away! 

Chase Taylor are professionals in the recruitment process. Our consultants can guide both clients and candidates from the initial job advertisement right through to the day a candidate starts and beyond.

When you engage us to help with your recruitment needs, your dedicated consultant will be in contact with you all the way. They will also continue to keep in touch to ensure that both parties are happy and that everything is working out after making a successful placement with you. Here at Chase Taylor, we want to build a strong working partnership that will make us your provider of choice. 

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