“Not ANOTHER recruitment agency!”

“Not ANOTHER recruitment agency!”

Recruitment is a people industry, but is it any different to a selling you a new front door? 

People are people, and job movement and development is a part of an individual’s career and you cannot hold that against them. A recruitment consultant aims to provide an individual with an opportunity for career and personal growth when they do not currently feel that they have that opportunity available to them. Likewise for an organisation, the aim is only ever to fill a vacancy with a candidate who is the right fit in all aspects and will be a long term asset to the company. 
There are many reasons why an organisation or candidate may turn to a recruitment agency and we promise it’s not because we have coerced, tricked or forced them into doing so.

In many cases organisations often do not have the time nor resources to find the right person. For candidates, they may have been made redundant unexpectedly or have become unhappy in their current role and are unsure where to start their search to find the best opportunity for them. So why not leave it to the professionals and let us do all the hard work for you.
Unfortunately there are recruiters out there who do the industry a disservice and let’s face it a bad experience is more memorable than a good one!

At Chase Taylor we work hard to represent the best industry candidates and clients in nothing but a professional manner. With almost 6 years trading, year on year growth and a rapidly increasing database of industry specific candidates, this is a true reflection on the service and continuing success of the Chase Taylor Team.
For us to find you an excellent candidate with the rights skills and experience, it takes time and dedication. We aim to ensure an individual whether unemployed or employed are represented professionally and put forward to vacancies which are a suited match. We take pride in making sure we send candidates who we believe are the right fit for you and your company. There is of course a charge for this dedicated service (that is unless your a candidate looking for a new opportunity, in which case it won’t cost you a penny) but we bet it’s not as much as you may think!

Good recruitment is a detailed and prescriptive process and although some businesses see using an agency as an additional cost, all employers understand the cost of a bad hire.

So why risk your chances with an agency who do not know the intricacies of the fenestration industry?!

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