Specialist Recruiting

Attracting the best candidates for a business, particularly in a niche industry can be tough. Here at Chase Taylor, we can draw upon our extensive contacts and provide well matched candidates to business, saving those businesses the time it takes to filter through applications that do not match the criteria of the role they need to fill. This service can be invaluable for the business, especially if the business owner is short of time and needs an experienced candidate to start quickly. Our five-step recruitment plan is effective at bringing executive candidates to the businesses that require them.

Creating perfect candidate to business matches

We know that the perfect candidate for one company won’t fit with another, and experience is only one facet of the ideal recruitment mix. We will take into account other values such as personal values to ensure that we get the best match for your company.  We also actively market candidates looking for positions within the industry.

Interview, Induction and pre-selection assistance

After extensive research and candidate profiling our Chase Taylor Platinum service is able to source the most closely matched candidates and conduct an interview with them prior to introducing them to you. Only the most closely matched candidates will be passed onto you, which saves time and effort interviewing candidates that are not suitable. Chase Taylor Platinum can even assist with interviews and also oversee the induction period if required.


The Process


An initial consultation meeting



Build a clear understanding of the clients requirements



Source and attract the right calibre of individual/’s by means of extensive research and candidate profiling. All candidates are interviewed in person by Chase Taylor before being presented to the client.


From the candidates perspective, we will proactively spec senior candidates to clients


Chase Taylor Platinum can assist with the client interview process and manage the induction period if required.

Business Exit Strategy

Our 5 steps Fenestration Succession Planning Package offers business owners the chance to have a plan in place when you are looking to exit your fenestration business.

The simple-to-follow plan, designed by us to give you the least stressful exit, works by consulting you with a view to understanding every facet of your business. We listen to what you have to say about the business, and then combine this with our extensive experience to create a business profile to show to prospective candidates, ensuring at all time that we keep the business ethics, ethos and model in mind.

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