Fenestration Industry Succession Planning

Here at Chase Taylor Platinum, our 5 steps Fenestration Succession Planning Package offers business owners the chance to have a plan in place when you are looking to exit your fenestration business. The simple-to-follow plan, designed by us to give you the least stressful exit, works by consulting you with a view to understanding every facet of your business.  We listen to what you have to say about the business, and then combine this with our extensive experience to create a business profile to show to prospective candidates, ensuring at all time that we keep the business ethics, ethos and model in mind.

Bespoke Succession Planning for your business

Not all businesses are alike, and many have certain intricacies that need to be catered for. We ensure this is the case by creating an action plan for succession that includes a timeline of roles, responsibilities and fine detail to ensure that every eventuality is covered.

Sourcing the right candidate for you

Sourcing candidates is not easy, but with Chase Taylor Platinum, we do the hard work for you. We can source the appropriate candidates due to our large network of contacts within the industry so you are more likely to gain a better match for your business than by simply inviting everyone to apply.  We even go as far as to conduct pre-interviews so that only the most relevant candidates are introduced to you, saving you time.

Window and Door Industry – Succession Planning Steps…


The Process

Step 1

An initial consultation meeting either on or off site can be arranged to determine the business model, culture, plans and potential role/’s required.



Step 2

Chase Taylor Platinum will start to build a clear understanding of the business and requirements. This is essential for guiding learning and development plans, setting clear performance expectations, and for assessing performance. By completing a profile analysis at the first meeting, this will help us gain an understanding of the key responsibilities, including qualifications, behavioural and technical competencies required to perform.

Step 3

Once the strategy has been identified and agreed, the next step is to document the detail in to a coherent action plan. The Succession Plan provides the mechanism for defining timelines, roles and responsibilities.



Step 4

Now that the critical position/’s have been identified and have been profiled for competencies, the next step is for us to source and attract the right calibre of individual/’s by means of extensive research and candidate profiling. All candidates are interviewed in person by Chase Taylor Platinum before being presented to the client.

Step 5

Chase Taylor Platinum will systematically match the information provided and evaluate carefully selected candidates for the roles agreed. Chase Taylor Platinum can assist with the client interview process and manage the induction period if required.

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