Skilled Candidates are in High Demand!

The industry has seen an unprecedented demand in home improvement products whilst lockdown and the restriction of movement has taken effect for the last 18 months. I think it is also safe to say that this demand does not appear to be letting up any time soon either! With this in mind there are a number of issues facing the industry at the moment! One in particular is the availability of skilled and experienced Candidates!
Gone are the days when you can simply advertise your vacancy and receive a good number of possible candidates suitable for the role. We have all spoken about the skills shortage within the industry and paired with an increase in demand this has left a requirement for staff at higher levels than we have ever seen. 

The fenestration sector has not had the high number of redundancies as seen with other industries as a result of Covid-19. (We definitely count ourselves lucky!). Which means the number of candidates actively looking for a new opportunity or are out of work is far smaller than many companies may be aware. 
Now more than ever candidates have a wide range of opportunities in-front of them and are in the positon which allows them to pick the right company, job and salary for them. Salaries are being pushed higher than average and on top of this employers are desperate in keeping their current staff - if they receive a resignation letter theymay very well counter offer with salary increases, bonuses and other job perks to keep them in situ. 

But that does not mean people are not looking for a move, it just means the search for the right candidate may take a little longer than usual. It also means the search for suitable candidates has seen a shift to being a more head hunting process. This is where Chase Taylor can help!  

With an industry database of over 13,000 candidate and client contacts, Chase Taylor are in the best place to find the right candidates for your business. We have an in-depth knowledge of the industry as well as the people working within it so that we can support you in your recruitment needs. 
We speak to people daily and get an insight into what people are looking for whether that be a career move or if they are looking to recruit. We can reach the market of candidates that may not be thinking about a career move until we put the right opportunity in front of them. It’s more than just looking at CV or a job specification it is about understanding the type of role a candidate is looking for and vice versa. 

It has been a turbulent few months and like many business we have seen changes in the ways we work but one thing remains the same and that is our drive to provide the industry with the best in fenestration recruitment! 

A final note to leave you on, once an experienced candidate is found they are not on the market for long! So if you find a candidate with the skills you are looking for, interview and qualify them as soon as possible. A lengthy recruitment process will lose you candidates in the current climate. 

For more information on how Chase Taylor Recruitment can help you with your recruitment needs give us a call on 01543 897800 or drop an email to

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