The COVID Effect

The last year has been challenging to say the least. The Covid19 pandemic has, if nothing else, allowed people to slow down and re-evaluate their priorities. Many have enjoyed time with their family and rediscover activities they no longer had time for. Some have endured times of frustration, disappointment and uncertainty. Most are now clamouring to get back to work and shift towards ‘normal’, whatever that is going to look like. 

As lockdown lifts and life returns to some form of normal there have been major changes in our industry. Many companies, including some major names, have sadly had to close their doors permanently; whilst some are reporting to now be busier than they ever thought possible! 

The good news is that we are seeing companies returning their focus to addressing their recruitment needs and in the past couple of weeks we have engaged multiple new clients needing experienced staff as well as re-engaging with companies who were looking for staff before the pandemic took hold. 

So, if you are looking for a new role, make sure your CV is up to date and send a copy to us at We will register your details or update your record if you are already registered with us. 
We can also help you with your CV if you don’t know where to start – just drop us an email!

If you are looking for staff for your business, give us a call and have a chat to us. We have over 9,000 fenestration candidates on our database from Order Processors, Sales Managers and more! 
Speak to a member of the team today on 01543 897800.  


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