Your recruitment process could be losing you candidates . . .

There are many hurdles every organisation faces when recruiting, and finding the perfect candidate is not easy. This is especially poignant within current fenestration market, where finding candidates with the right skills and experience is harder than ever before and good candidates are being snapped up very quickly!

This hurdle alone impacts recruitment greatly - but have you ever wondered if your own recruitment process is influencing the candidates you attract.

Being specialist's recruiters within the industry, we are privy to many of the reasons why a candidate declines an opportunity or even withdraws from the process. Although sometimes it’s just the luck of the draw, it is important to note that some of the recruitment process issues putting candidates off are:

  • Unclear Job Descriptions

Candidates are far less likely to apply for a job when the duties and specification of the role are unclear. Not only will this reduce the number of candidates applying for the vacancy but also makes it more likely that the candidates applying may be unsuitable. 

  • Lengthy Recruitment Process

The length of the recruitment process is be role dependent, as you would expect. We have seen a recent spike in the length of time the recruitment process is taking and this often results in companies losing candidates. Talented and experienced candidates are never around for long and if you don’t snap them up, someone else will.

  • Poor Communication

Communication is key! Whether it’s good news, bad news, or even no news, keeping in contact with your candidates is vital! If you’re not talking to them someone else is and keeping them updated not only keeps them interested in the role but also strengthens the relationship with the candidate.

  • Low Advertised Salary / No Salary Advertised

If a candidate is unaware of the salary offered for the position or the salary you are offering is lower than the industry standard, you are far less likely to get candidates applying for the position.


These are by no means the only factors which can influence whether or not a candidate applies for a role. A poor reputation, management and a high staff turnover are also factors which can put off candidates. We see a growing number of candidates thoroughly researching companies prior to accepting interviews so be aware that they are increasingly being viewed as a two way street, making getting your recruitment process right a priority.  

This article aims to highlights the importance of any organisations recruitment process and how improving this process will ensure a positive company image and successful recruitment of the best candidates.

We are always on hand to help! 

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